21 July 2011


This was what was left of the Butterfly Garden created by a colleague. It is somewhat like a secret garden to me. Some other surrounding plants in the area were also captured in the photos.

photos 1-2, 21-23 : Asystasia gangetica
photo 3 : the garden
photos 4-9, 11-12 : Sophora tomentosa
photo 10, 19 : artistic
photos 13-15 : Cocoloba uvifera
photo 16-18 : Hamelia patens
photo 20 : Cocoloba and Asystasia
photo 24 : Odontodenia macrantha

And there are some photos, which are deliberately blurred photos, which I deemed to be artistic. I will find a way to use them in presentations.

NB on 2 Aug 11: I just found out from a friend that the Sophora tomentosa is a native plant.