09 July 2011


I have been exercising on the exercise bench for a week now. Although it is only thrice, I know I have yet to see the results but I am sure the results would be quite promising.

The level of creatine kinase (CK), an enzyme found in tissues and cells, in the blood is commonly used to test for heart attacks, muscular injury and renal failure, where high amounts of CK are present. However, after a session of strenuous exercising, the CK levels are usually elevated beyond the normal level of around 60-400 iu/l. 

For athletes who participated in marathons or triathlons, the heavy muscle use can bring about a spike in the CK levels to 2,000-20,000 iu/l or more days after the activity. These levels would gradually go back down to normal levels after some time.

But if the levels remain high after some time, it is best to go for further health checks to rule out  severe muscular breakdown, heart and kidney failure.