20 July 2011


This was the last decor for this office that was here for the last couple of years. I would say there were 4 sections and I did about 2 of them.

This first section was only partially done by me. It was a dark area, so my colleague chose the yellow Crotons to contrast against the black background. The orange blades sticking out of the Croton are the Vriesea splendens (common name: Flaming Sword).

The decor on the second section with a tv screen in the center was done by me. I added the uncommon Rotheca myricoides 'Ugandense' as a sort of backdrop plant because I don't want too much vibrant colours here. The third section in front of the reception counter was also my doing. Those who saw it liked the reddish Mussaenda, which I posted recently, in the background.

Of course this was not the complete decor because I suggested using the Tillandsia usneoides to cover the black foreground plastic bags and it worked perfectly fine.

The last section outdoors was mainly done by our intern with some advice from us.

Finally, the artificial Baobab with the fake birds was also moved to the premises recently. If no one wants it, I do.