06 July 2011


Green Lantern, a most unlikely superhero amongst the league of DC Comics superheroes, was made into a movie and appeared on our screens recently. For those who do not read the DC Comics or watch the Justice League cartoons, they can probably only recognize the more well-known Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Aquaman. The lesser known characters include Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, Martian, Green Arrow etc.

Personally, I learnt most of their stories from the cartoon series. So I am definitely one of those who was very delighted to watch the movie with much anticipation. A colleague asked me what is with the lantern he is carrying. Simply put, that is the source of his energy just as Superman recharges himself from the sun. The lantern is also his trademark and the logo is unmistakably unique to this human turned superhero.

Compared to 'X-Men: First Class', I think the X-Men movie is more entertaining but anyway, I love it that they cast Ryan Reynolds as the superhero. I think he is the best choice. I first saw him in the comedy 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place' and he has really come a long way since then. Oh, and I so love the green costume and the midair pose that is so often portrayed in the cartoons. A link on Ryan Reynolds is attached below:


I googled and also found the two attached graphics of the justice league and attached them here for reference. The one showing Brandon Routh as Superman, Sam Worthington as Aquaman with Ryan as Green Latern is hilarious. I wonder who portrays Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl though. I wonder which is the next superhero character they would make into a movie? It would be best if they make the Justice League instead although I doubt so.