21 July 2011


This post is long overdue. I wanted to talk about my love for colours for a while now and I had to do it today. I think I cannot answer which is my favourite colour.

I love almost all the colours on the colourwheel. But somehow, I seemed to have a soft spot for some secondary colours recently. Just now, I realized that I was wearing a purple(or violet) t-shirt, a purple G-Shock watch, a purple wallet, a pair of purple-red sneakers, and bought purple plum tea and taro milk which is also purple. I was like wow! Most of the combination was deliberate, although seeing them together was not planned. The only glaring thing that stood out was my chartreuse iphone.

Someone told me purple is a gay colour sometime ago but seriously, why do we need to pin down a colour on a person's sexual orientation? In fact, I was requested by this colleague to dump my new purple wallet then, lest other people mistake me for one. Why so serious, I thought? It is just a colour and frankly, I couldn't care less. I have been wearing purple shirts too. Don't get me wrong, I love orange and lime green colours for a long time now but in recent years, I don't think I can carry these two bright colours on me very well. So I have to stick to purple.

Now it is time for me to head out for look for a purple iphone cover and maybe a purple cap.