17 July 2011


The Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Pink' is truly amazing. The ribbed leaves look as if they are torn apart but the long drooping pinkish inflorescence just spells subtle beauty.

Next is a small tree sapling with striking purple new leaf flushes that stand out amongst a background of green.

Right across the National Orchid Gardens is a Cola gigantea tree. In my earlier post, I mentioned a Land Art exhibition in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. However, land art is actually all around us. Just look at the Cola's beautiful crown and root branching, which are all natural and not artificially created. The Tembusu tree with a cavity in its trunk is also worth mentioning. Again, this is nature's art and the growing epiphytes just add to the allure.

The Scarlet Rose Mallow (scientific name: Hibiscus coccineus; Family: Malvaceae) is a native of marsh habitats and is a rare gem here.