04 July 2011


I don't know what to make of this. I see the Bauhinia kockiana planted in narrow planting troughs more and more frequently these days and it really irks me. 

Like I posted before, sooner or later, the plants will develop severe nitrogen nutrient deficiency symptoms, as evident by the pale green leaves and pale orange flowers, when planted under such conditions without being given adequate fertilizers. So unless one is willing or able to keep up with the fertilizing regime required by Bauhinias, I would suggest not to plant them in such small confined spaces where nutrient availability will always be an issue.

On this floor, one can have a great bird's eye view of the Yishun pond. As expected by me, the bare crown Enterolobium cyclocarpum has not recovered from the transplanting shock, especially since the planting space is limited and on higher grounds.