24 July 2011


I didn't know anything about the movie when I went to watch it and it turned out to be better than I expected. It was simply hilarious and I basically laughed and chuckled all the way to the end of the movie. But I wasn't alone. The movie-goers were enjoying the movie as much as I do.

It is essentially sort of a sad story revolving around a single woman in her 30s, who desperately tries to find her other half amidst all the unhappiness e.g. closure of her bakery shop during the economic recession, her boyfriend left her, she is just a sex toy to a man, her best friend Lilian is getting married whilst she is still single. 

She was bundled together with the other maids of honor to plan the wedding but she found she was upstaged by Lilian's new found friend and rich socialite Helen, played by Rose Byrne recently seen in 'X-Men: First Class'. That is when all the fun and troubles began. Her low self-esteem and insecurities got the better of her in many scenes, including the part where she thought it was too good to be true and spoilt the whole thing when police officer Nathan appeared interested in starting a relationship with her after a night romp.

She was kind of vulgar at parts and she almost ruined her best friend's wedding. But all turns out fine in the end and Lilian's wedding went well with Wilson Phillips' cameo appearance as wedding singers and she getting back together with Nathan.

I guess it is a feel good movie and should supposedly inspire and motivate less than beautiful woman and handsome man, like me. The message I got was an average looking person can also get hitched, find love and lead a happy life if we are confident, believe in ourselves, look in the right places in our hearts and not try to compare ourselves and our lives with the beautiful, rich and successful ones out there. Anyway, it was the last appearance by Jill Clayburgh, who starred in 'Dirty Sexy Money' and died of leukemia in Nov 2010.