14 August 2010


If you are a plant and you have a choice, would you want to be noticed for being beautiful or ugly?

Plants that are attention seeking are often at different extremes. They are either so spectacular or gorgeous in their appearance, have strong fragrance or are strange looking, nasty in possessing some undesirable qualities e.g. containing toxins, have thorns, emitting an obnoxious odour etc.

Both would likely draw similar levels of attention but one is probably more sustainable than the other. The former would attract admiration and constant visits from the admirer who revels in and appreciates its beauty. On the other hand, the latter would repel and turn the visitors away. Afterall, constantly sending out the wrong signals e.g. giving out a revolting scent, would frighten any potential admirers away.

Plants are incapable of making any decisions and can only express what is in their genes. But tell me, what is your choice if you are given one? Do you seriously want to be noticed for the right or wrong reasons?