05 August 2010


This grafted tree sapling Eucalytpus cladocalyx 'Vintage Red' was purchased from its native Australia. It was one of two plants planted beside Pasir Panjang Road entrance's substation at the park.

But hardly anyone noticed it because of its small size and dark bluish-purple coloured leaves. It seems like this is the only bluish-magenta-red coloured Eucalyptus tree around. Apparently, the colour of the leaves depends on sun direction and foliage age. The dark coloured bark also peels off over time to reveal a greyish colour.

This grafted tree can grow up to 20 m tall in well-drained soils and the 2 attached photos taken from the web show how dense the foliage can be and the variation in the leaf colour. The latter photo reminds me of the colour of vintage wine, and presumably that was how the name was given? Hopefully, the one at HortPark would grow quickly so that it would not always be so obscure.

There are also 2 links below to provide more information on this tree:
  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eucalyptus_cladocalyx
  2. http://advanced-trees.bestplants.com.au/vintage-red.html