07 August 2010


These photos were taken on 31 Jul 10, the last day of July.

The highlight of this post is not on the Lime Plant. The attention was meant to be focussed on the Lime Butterfly's caterpillar. Or rather, the difficulty in spotting it amongst the mass of green leaves.

But if one looks carefully, it would not be hard to find it in the first photo. I always have so much fun counting the number of caterpillars and trying to find them on the plant day after day. It is like a caterpillar treasure hunt.

The only thing that annoys me to no end when it comes to the Lime Butterfly's caterpillar is every time when it pupates, it doesn't do so on the plant and really goes into hiding! I couldn't find it almost every single time and this is irritating because I want to partake in its eclosion into the adult butterfly if I can. I want to see it struggle free from its pupa case and watch its wings inflate over time and enjoy the beautiful emergence of a new life. And I would welcome the females to return to my 2 plants to lay their eggs after they find their mates, anytime.