09 August 2010


I have been a fan of Sumiko Tan's articles in recent years. Yes, I am one of those who read all about her singlehood, her dating woes and loneliness, her pets, her strong opinions and so on.

So it was quite a sudden but pleasant surprise to read on 25 Jun 10 about her upcoming marriage in July to her long time ACJC classmate Hurricane. She kept the secret from her readers so well!

The article she wrote was touching and romantic, yet bold and decisive. The decision to be hitched seemed like quite an impulsive one, but her beau seemed so loving and endearing towards her. They are a match made in heaven, although they only got married at this age.

But as a fan, I am truly happy that she finally found the one after years of patience and waiting. Naturally, I was not invited to her wedding since I am just an anonymous fan, just like many others, and from the likes of it, it must have been quite a grand one.

Here's wishing Sumiko and her hubby a happy union and blissful marriage!