07 August 2010


I came back about 2 hours ago from the police station. I was there to report the theft of my beloved Fujifilm camera (model S2000HD) this afternoon. I had it for almost 2 years now since 26 Oct 08. I carry it everywhere I go and it has never left my bag. All my most precious photos were taken with it.

Along with my lost camera was a 8 GB SDHC card that I purchased during SGF 10. All my recent photos, including the ones I took this morning were on this camera. Fortunately, I downloaded my photos up till 5 Aug 10 afternoon, so what was lost was not as bad as it could have been. But even so, it was still an unnecessary loss.

To a certain extent, my carelessness was part of the reason how it could have been stolen. But this does not give the thief the right to just conveniently make off with my camera. Yes, he/she had a new present for National Day. And right now, my feelings towards the thief is one that I would prefer not to describe here. But here's the deal. To the thief; don't be too happy with the camera. On and off, there were some focus problems with it. The batteries that were in it are not the best that I had.

In fact, I was planning to get a new camera at the upcoming IT fair in September to replace. Maybe the camera noticed me checking out a new Nikon camera last night and decided to leave out of a broken heart. Just like how some stuff died on me just when I decided to replace them.

Ironically, I was in a Superman singlet today but yet I couldn't save my camera even if my life depended on it. What a shame!

Finally, I must say Lilian Too was absolutely accurate on her prediction for the month of August. Her first warning included one of burglary. And I lost this camera just days into August. So what's next?

I know I would unlikely be able to get you back. So farewell, my beloved camera.