31 January 2011


This is a movie about the afterlife and starring Matt Damon, Cecile de France and George McLaren as the main leads. The story started off as three separate tales on how each of them have a brush with death - Cecile almost drowned in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Matt had a high fever when he was younger and almost died from it and George's twin brother died in an accident.

The movie took its time to develop the characters depth and showed how death affected them in one way or another. Their separate life stories eventually converge together when they somehow meet each other in a London Book Fair towards the end of the movie in a happy ending.

I personally didn't quite enjoy the movie because the director Clint Eastwood tried to deliver the characters with a purpose by taking his time but I felt he lost the audience in the process because the loose ends were only tied at the end and even so, it seemed very trying and was hardly convincing. I love the start of the movie and the CGI effects of the tsunami but it deteriorated from there onwards. The suspense built up in the movie could not lift it from its dreadful pace.

Anyway, the very beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard cameoed in a small role but that was not enough to save the movie.