20 January 2011


I had a nightmare this morning and woke up feeling confused. In the dream, I was with a friend. I felt a itch on my head, so I scratched it with my hand. But out of a sudden, a large piece of my hair fell out onto the floor, much like those depicted in cancer victims when they get freaked out by the falling hair.

Naturally I freaked out too in the dream. Why would my hair dropped off without any warning signs or symptoms, I kept asking myself? I bent down to pick up the hair to have a closer look and to my surprise, they were all sort of knitted together onto several pieces of velcro-like material. Then it dawned on me that they were hair pieces. My friend commented that he didn't know that I wore a wig. I was astonished beyond words because I too didn't know that I was wearing a wig or sporting artificial hair pieces.

So there I stood, trying to recall when it all started. Somehow, I vaguely remembered that I started wearing it after my mum brought me to see a hair specialist a long time ago but completely forgot about it until the hair pieces dropped off.

It all seemed so real and that was when I woke up. Fortunately, everything was just a nightmare and my hair is intact! But, I remember watching on tv the night before in the mediacorp tv serial that this psychopathic girl had a big bald patch on the middle of her head and she was wearing a wig. That was the closest thing that I thought could have triggered this stupid dream.

Such is the power of the mind. Even though I wasn't preoccupied with the bald look, but somehow my mind picked that up at that instant when I saw the image on tv and translated it into a dreamscape. But why? What is the significance, I wonder?

My warped mind used to think that the dream world is a portal to another parallel universe where we exist. When I dreamed of ghosts in the past, I used to think they were real and thought we could see the other dimension only in our dreams. How else can we explain that the dreams are so convincingly real when we are in the deep slumber yet when we wake up from it, we know it is not?

Anyway, a link on dreams is shown below: