04 January 2011


I finally found time to post today. Somehow at this site, next to the Water Garden, where I used to plant the Heliotropium indicum, the new batch of plants and the Canna shrubs are looking good. So good that the Plain Tiger butterflies are visiting the beautiful string of small, white flowers.

In fact, it seems to be the Plain Tiger season again because I saw them flitting here and there in HortPark. Just this morning, I even saw a huge Common Birdwing flew casually across the car I was in on the way back to the office. It was a good sign to me, especially after going through these 2 days of high stress.

NB on 5 Jan 11: I realised yesterday that this was my first post of 2011. I wouldn't say it is a fantastic posting, but at least it was pleasant? Was the reason too lame?