11 January 2011


I repotted my Drosera broomensis and D. paradoxa (common name: Sundew; Family: Droseraceae) again and put 2 of them into a single container. In these carnivorous species, the leaves are like small discs supported on long stalked petioles and the fine hairs have a sticky substance to trap small insects upon contact.

I am not sure if it is alright to plant them side by side though. For corals in marine aquariums, such close proximity would result in stinging tentacles etc attacking each other until one dies and one remains.

The small purple flower with orange anthers was just one of many from the unfurling inflorescence stalk of the red-leaved D. paradoxa.

Then there was also the smaller Drosera rotundifolia (common name: Common Sundew, Round-leaved Sundew) that I repotted into a bigger container too. The young plantlets are so adorable and the fine glandular hairs are distributed throughout the spatula-shaped green leaves.

The links on these 3 interesting Sundews are as attached here: