11 January 2011


I also repotted these miniature gesneriads Sinningia 'Star Freckles', S. 'Rio das Pedras' (synonym: S. muscicola) etc that I bought from the same gardening bazaar as the Droseras in the previous post. I am lazy, so I thought of replanting them into plastic containers, much like terrariums, to reduce the need for watering.

I am monitoring them very closely for these few days because I don't want the leaves to rot under the wet humid conditions. I neglected some of my Fittonias in the plastic containers recently and some had rotten leaves that emitted a smell and caused the proliferation of fungus.

The other hairy Sinningia 'Amizade' was not repotted but I took the photos to show the extent of growth since I last bought it. Actually, I think I overwatered it and whilst it is not dead, the growth seems to have suddenly slowed down so much, perhaps in response to the damaged roots?