06 January 2011


I was barely 2 m away when I heard the calls. To be exact, the calls were from 2 very different sunbirds.

When I located them, my priority was on shooting the Crimson Sunbird on camera. But it was so hard to focus on the bird, when its colour almost blended with the red bracts of the Red Shrimp Plant. The Olive-Backed Sunbird didn't stand a chance next to it because I was just so so focussed on the small red birdie.

Well, in the first photo, I captured nothing! It flew off before the camera shutter managed to imprint an image of it onto the memory card. In the end, I didn't manage to get a decent looking photogenic shot of the little friend. It was either hidden by the foliage or its face was turned away from the camera. Damned!