10 January 2011


The view from this suite is so spectacular. The interior decor is also quite classy and I am not sure if this is regarded as country design?

I like the wall paper, the sofa chairs, the cushion seats along the full length glass panel windows and the cushions, the silver lamp shade in the corner, the bird cage and the artificial flowers display. It felt so comfortable that I almost wanted to lie down on the cushion seats to sleep.

Are the blue flowers replicas of the real Buddleia davidii? The artificial electric blue paired with the creamy roses in the glass jar add a certain splash of colour to the otherwise plain but cool theme.

Did I say the view of the cityscape, Singapore River, brick red roof tiles, contrasting tiers of very tall and low buildings, Marina Bay Sands building, sky and rooftop gardens and finally the green promenade etc are all so scenic?

It was drizzling outside then and it was there that I was delivered the news that I had ptosis, which is a medical condition more common in the elderly. So, I have to arrange for surgery to be done to correct it and tighten the levator muscle.