03 November 2010


I was looking for some photos and came across these photos that I took in Jan 09 in Thailand.

The Clerodendrum wallichii (synonym: C. nutans; common name: Bridal Veil, Nodding Clerodendrum) from the Verbenaceae Family flowered so amazingly over there in Chiang Mai. When it flowers here in Singapore, the extent is just a small fraction of and is not as showy as what is shown in the photos. Remember I mentioned about the red sepals of white flower Clerodendrums? This is also very prominent here. A link is shown below:

Then there were several varieties of ornamental cabbage (scientific name: Brassica oleracea capitata group) that varies in shades of green and purple. They look so pretty that I wouldn't bear to eat it even if it is edible. A link on how to grow them is attached here:

Even the Buddleja davidii (synonym: Buddleia davidii) from the uncommon Buddlejaceae Family is so healthily beautiful over there. The ones we have seemed to be more prone to pests and diseases. The common names include Summer Lilac and Butterfly Bush because it is known to be a good nectar plant for butterflies, much like Lantana. Just looking at the small flowers always remind me of Lantana camara. 2 links are shown below for reference:
This is also a very interesting Kalanchoe tomentosa (common name: Panda Plant) from the Crassulaceae Family. It was interesting to me because the edges of the silverish hairy serrate leaves are brown, unlike the ones that I commonly see without a prominent edge liner. A link on the plant is attached herein:

Finally, the last photo seemed to me to be the Passiflora 'Lady Margaret' (Family: Passifloraceae) that I bought and posted recently albeit the pink appeared to be slightly different and is more vibrant here.

Maybe all the above unusual observations of the plants are due to the slightly cooler climate with sharper daily temperature differences in Chiang Mai?