27 November 2010


I just finished watching the 14th episode of "Legend of the Seeker" on my VCD recorder, months after it ended its run here. It is a fantasy series based on the novel "The Sword of Truth".

The 2 lead characters are Craig Horner and Bridget Regan as the seeker Richard Rahl and confessor Kahlan respectively. The story trails the arduous journey of Richard from the time he discovered he was the true seeker in a thousand years to how he had to overcome the numerous obstacles to rescue and deliver the people from the evil emperor Darken Rahl.

Of course he couldn't do what he needed to do without any help. So that is where the wizard Zeddicus and confessor Kahlan came into the picture. There was a lot of onscreen chemistry between the characters and the pairing of suave Richard and the very beautiful Kahlan was excellent.

Based on the link below, there are 2 seasons and the 1st season has 22 episodes. So I still have a few more episodes to go before this season ends.

The link on the series is attached below: