16 November 2010


These photos were taken just 6 and 10 days ago but things have changed since then because I wasn't pleased with the look.

So, I reaped out the Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides (common name: Mexican Flame Vine), pruned off the Antigonon leptopus (common name: Honolulu Creeper) and removed the Episcia cupreata 'Pink Panther' (common name: Flame Violet) because of a mealy bugs infestation etc. But I still wasn't too happy with the changes although I am pleased with the Petraeovitex wolfei (common name: Wolfei's Vine), Vinca rosea (common name: Periwinkle), Lantana camara and the Hamelia patens that I bought from the GardenShop previously. I spotted th Olive-backed Sunbird on several occasions already but I never managed to capture its photo.

I will definitely be posting photos of the changes at a later date.