20 November 2010


These photos were taken from the little known rooftop garden at the Hort Centre. This is the highest vantage point at HortPark.

The entrance was located at an obscure corner of the building and to get up, one has to climb up 3 flights of stairs. That also explained why I have not been up there for a while.

But on that day, I needed to get away for a few short minutes and at the same time, I wanted to check out the growth and performance of Cyanotis cristata and other plants etc.

So anyway, as expected, the Cyanotis was doing very well at this very sunny location. Some other beds had lots of weeds which crept onto the white panel towards the walkway. From this view, one can see the dense forest cover at Kent Ridge Park, parts of the Silver Garden and Floral Walk, as well as the construction of the curved buildings at the new Reflections at Keppel Bay.