20 November 2010


Round and white-gold are still in, as shown by the recent christmas decor put up atParagon. From the white and gold balls on the low ceiling to the huge globes suspended from the roof of the shopping centre, I was in awe of this simple decor.

I particularly love the huge globes illuminated by the white lines that define and emphasize its shape. With the globes hanging at different elevations and the streamers, I felt as if I was looking at the cosmos and seeing the different planets in the universe with the smaller stars. And looking at the small mirrors or aluminium foils on the globes, I imagined myself looking through a portal into another parallel universe that mirrored ours. The distortions on the mirrors seemed to create another dimension to it.

Is this a sign that I watched too much television programmes as my imagination went wild? What was actually a simple christmas decor had such a strange influence over me. I ended this post with a final photo that I took of the reflection of the globes on the smooth tiles on the ground, which seemed to show off another different portal.