21 November 2010


The scenery and landscape around the Little India exit, beside Bukit Timah Road, has changed so much within such a short span of time since they commenced the construction works for the downtown line.

For one, the trees along the center monsoon canal were removed and a temporary road was built on it and the roads diverted and realigned. When I came out of the station, I almost couldn't recognize the place, especially when the bus stop next to the MRT exit was moved outwards by at least 15 m.

The towering cranes were everywhere in sight but the familiar KK Women and Children's Hospital is still visible in the far distance. The Bismarckia and Wodyetia palms are still there across the road at the other exit. On another side, a new condominium is up and the Bougainvilleas are flowering and draping over the parapet wall beautifully, much like the Pelargonium planted in windowsills overseas.