31 October 2010


These were my recent purchases. The first was an interesting plant that I have never seen before. They told me it is a Philodendron but I am doubtful.

Yes, I bought the Plumbago zeylanica since it was so cheap at $4.90 and got it planted it my planter trough. Just yesterday, I finally removed and discarded the lovely Pink Petunia that was badly infested with another case mealy bugs. It was growing over the parapet but I had no choice but to clear it. Now there is void in that planter. Maybe I should try the Calibrachoa next.

I also got myself another light-coloured slightly wavy-leaved Aglaonema to brighten up the shady corridor. I actually haven't seen this one around the nurseries, so it could be a new introduction.

Finally, there was the pink Pelargonium hortorum cultivar which I removed yesterday because it rotted right up from the base. When I bought it, there was already a slight rot from the top but the stems eventually turned all black. Hmmm, I know it is hard to grow it in our climate but I was just trying it.