28 October 2010


Once again, I had to break up the postings on KTPH. In this post, I am trying to show some of the plants that were planted in the pond; plants that were seemingly non-aquatic plants.

The 2nd photo shows the Musa ornata (common name: Bronze Banana) in a black polybag soaking in the water at the edge. The 3rd shows the Musa sumatrana (common name: Blood Banana) and the 4th and 5th show the Anthurium andraeanum (common name: Flamingo Lily). Then there was also the Algaonema nitidum.

The 6th photo is on the Curcuma or Canna (I think) and the 7th a palm. The 8th and 9th photos are the Costus and Heliconia. The common thing here is they were all displaying pale green leaves, which is a symptom of nutrient deficiency, likely brought about by its growth in hydroculture. This is something to consider when growing plants in water where one cannot afford to fertilize the water heavily, especially when there is aquatic fauna.

Yes, there is no mistake here. Even such non-aquatic plants can be acclimatised to be grown in hydroculture.