10 October 2010


I have not been to Kent Ridge Park for a while. But I was there recently.

They added a cable car cabin as a decor item near one of the carparks. The Platycerium coronarium (common name: Stag's Horn Fern) was so well-established, much like the one I posted at Ophir Road.

It appeared they have also planted out the Grammatophyllum speciosum (common name: Tiger Orchid) on the tree fork.

The view of the sea from the high vantage point was also amazing. This is probably one of the few hills in Singapore where we can get to see the sea, the houses along the coast, the ships and the wharf.

As I trekked along the footpath down to the pond, I saw this beautiful Passiflora (common name: Passion Flower) climbing on the secondary forest vegetation. I do not know the exact species but could it be P. 'Incense', which is a hybrid crossed between P. incarnata and P. cinnicata? A link on the Passion Flower is shown below for reference.

The silhouette of the crown of the Albizia moluccana (synonym: Falcataria moluccana, Paraserianthes falcataria, Albizia falcataria, Adenanthera falcataria; common name: Batai, Bataiwood) against the blue sky was amazing.

Then there were 2 photos of the young White-breasted Waterhen (scientific name: Amauromis phoenicurus) scurrying around from bush to bush, seeking the safety within the dense groves of marginal plants.

There were also abundant dragonflies found in the aquatic habitat environment and one particular one was parasitized by wasp as evident by the dense mass of black eggs on its lower abdomen. But such is the law of nature and order to maintain ecological balance through its intricate food chains and webs.