25 October 2010


I noticed the haze creeping in on last Tuesday and it has been a week now and today's outdoor condition appears much better.

This past week had been kind of gloomy given the low light conditions but it had also been quite cool, and not as hot as the weeks before. I am not jumping for joy over the dimmer than usual outdoors but the cooler weather was refreshing.

The sun's rays were cut out by the haze and I could almost imagine the onset of the ice age in prehistoric times brought about by the big bang where the entire sky was covered with the ashes of the collision of the meteorite with earth. The sun's rays were blocked out, causing much of earth's plants to die out which in turn brought on the demise of the dinosaurs. Although this was only a theory, it is highly convincing to me.

So this is how the dawn of the ice age likely feels, although what is happening now is possibly on the lowest end of the catastrophic scale. Most of our sun loving tropical plants would not be able to withstand prolonged periods of low light and would gradually die out, leaving the shade and cool loving plants to take over its place. Such a scenario is scary but possible if mankind continues to ravage mother nature and neglects the importance of maintaining balance with nature. Just recently, I read that man occupies less than 10% of earth's surface area but uses 75% of its natural resources. Seriously, if this continues on, I think the future is bleak.