15 October 2010


There was this Dragonfly that perched on the new leaf tip of this Memecylon caeruleum (common name: Blue Strawberry Flowers; Family: Melastomataceae). When I got too near trying to photograph it, it flew off but landed back at the same place.

It is interesting how the dragonfly nymphs stay in water longer than their adult stage in air.

The other plant that is featured here is the Scaevola taccada (synonym: S. sericea; common name: Beach Scaevola, Fan Flower, Half Flower) from the uncommon Goodeniaceae Family. Though the flowers are small, they are so pretty, aren't they? The 5 petals look lacy and the arched pistil looks like a miniature downturned light. How interesting!

These are both native plants that can be found in the Native Garden.