16 October 2010


These are all plants found in the Golden Garden.

The 1st photo shows the flowers of the Euodia from the Rutaceae Family. Perhaps this can help to distinguish it from the Polyscias plant.

I have not really posted about the Crotalaria retusa (common name: Rattleweed) from the Fabaceae (Leguminosae) Family before, so here are its photos. Unfortunately, I do not have the photos of the dried capsules that can really rattle, much like a rattle snake. There was also a dragonfly perching on the floral bud of the Crotalaria. A link on the plant is attached below:

I love what the new team did in their siting of the granite bench at the Golden Garden. We had 2 of these benches and I wanted to use them at the Irrigation Pond area. This location was meant to be constructed as an area for photo-taking but my colleagues did it differently. With this bench, the feeling is different although I didn't like the paving material. The yellow bracts Musa siamensis (common name: Thai Gold Banana), that I planted, behind the bench was doing well as evident by the mass of healthy green leaves. Some links are listed below for reference:
My colleagues also planted out the Tagetes lucida (common name: Mexican Marigold, Mexican Mint Marigold) from the Asteraceae (Compositae) Family on one side of the bench. A link is attached below: