06 October 2010


These are some of the flying beauties in the Butterfly Garden. Enjoy the feast for the eyes!

The 1st photo was of a Jacintha Eggfly that was near its end with its tattered and torn wings. The dark coloured wings contrasted drastically against the yellow Crotalaria flowers.

The 2nd photo was of a brown Chocolate Pansy perched on the variegated yellow Graptophyllum.

The 3rd was a Leopard Lacewing with opened pumpkin-orange black wings on the green leaves of the Clerodendrum paniculatum.

Then there was the beautiful Grey Pansy sitting on the yellow flowers of the Ixora.

The pair of Eggflys with brown underside wings were probably trying to get it on with each other under the leaves of the Ixora.

The 6th photo was of a Leopard Lacewing resting on the Terminalia mantaly leaves.
The last photo showed a Blue Glassy Tiger on top of a Common Sergeant on the Crotalaria plant.