19 October 2010


Just days ago, I posted about the Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense' and the Carpenter Bee. Then I saw this Black Carpenter Bee on this same plant at the area beside the HortPark substation and a colleague informed me the name of this plant was changed to Rotheca myricoides or R. myricoides 'Ugandense'.

It was one of those plant name changes again based on molecular studies. Another synonym appears to be Cyclonema. Two links are attached below:
It seems the other Clerodendrum macrosiphon is also known as Rotheca incisa, Clerodendrum incisum or C. incisum var. macrosiphon. The link is shown below:

All these name changes are really baffling me at times. I wish we could all just appreciate plants for what they are, without the confusion of frequent name changes. Anyway, in this series of photos, the anthers and pistil were clearly seen in some of them.