10 October 2010


Today is 10th October 2010, in short it is 10.10.10. Well, I guess there would be lots of couples tying the knot on this supposedly auspicious date and day? I would have chosen to attend our Butterfly Garden adviser Mr Khew Sin Khoon's book launch but I couldn't make it.

Well, attached is a link on the launch, held at 10 am this morning at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. With the final arrival of his book "A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Singapore", it must be a dream come true for him.

I cannot wait to lay my hands on the book that I got a colleague to buy for me. I actually wanted 2 books with Khew's autograph, but I understand he was so swamped with signing autographs etc that my colleague had to leave for something else.

Anyway, kudos to Khew for the very successful book launch! Awesome!

NB on 11 Oct 10: In the Straits Times, it was reported that 830 couples got married yesterday in Singapore on this once a century date.