11 October 2010


Recently, I posted about some emergent aquatic plants and this is a continuation of it.

The Eichhornia crassipes (common name: Common Water Hyacinth) from the Pontederiaceae Family is one of my favourite floating plants although it is considered to be an invasive weed that can choke up waterways. In a recent post on the water feature at Pasir Panjang, they used a loop to control the spread of this plant outside the circle. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

The rounded leaf Hydrocleys nymphoides (common name: Water Poppy) from the Limnocharitaceae or Alismataceae Family is also interesting with its creamy flowers with a beautiful center. In the pot is also the Lemna minor (common name: Common Duckweed) from the Lemnaceae or Araceae Family. Apparently, this plant is the smallest flowering plant and seldom flowers since it can bud vegetatively and so quickly.

The fast growing Azolla caroliniana (common name: Carolina Mosquito Fern) from the Azollaceae Family is another free floating aquatic plant that can spread very quickly under favourable conditions.

Finally, the last 2 photos are of the emersed plant Bacopa caroliniana (synonym: B. amplexicaulis; common name: Lemon Bacopa, Blue Waterhyssop) from the Plantiginaceae Family. The blue flowers are so dainty.