19 October 2010


These were some of my recent new plant purchases. Most e.g. Fittonia cultivars, and some were for my terrariums.

I bought the dwarf cultivar of Cordyline fruticosa (synonym: C. terminalis) from the Asparagaceae Family because the maroon leaf colour looked interesting. A link on C. fruticosa is shown below:

Then there was the Saxifraga stolonifera (variegated) plant that I sought to buy for so long. The more common green S. stolonifera (common name: Creeping Saxifrage, Strawberry Begonia, Strawberry Begonia) is already a true beauty with its furry kidney-shaped leaves, and white veins arranged in a rosette. So when I came across the variegated version with pinkish-white colours, I bought 3 pots of it. However, the ones that my colleague kept were not doing well, so I hope mine would fare better and last for a longer time for me to propagate them from their numerous stolons. A link on the common variety is attached:

NB on 21 Oct 10: I was checking something and came across this name Saxifraga cuscutaeformis as the name of the variegated plant.