16 October 2010


The view from inside the Butterfly Garden enclosure is awesome because it is really a up-close and personal encounter with these flying jewels.

There was this beautiful Common Sailor butterfly (scientific name: Athyma perius) resting on the leaf of the Clerodendrum.

On the other hand, the Dark Blue Tiger (scientific name: Tirumala septentrionis) was flitting from flower to flower on the Antigonon leptopus climber. Another one was found on the leaf of the Aristolochia tagala (synonym: A. acuminata). A link on how to tell the differences between a Dark Glassy Tiger and a Blue Glassy Tiger is shown below.


Interestingly, there was this Man Face Bug on the leaf of the Xanthosoma lindenii (synonym: Caladium lindenii; common name: Indian Kale; Family: Araceae). Unfortunately, it wasn't facing in the right direction to see the upright face. The face and hair often remind me of Elvis Presley.