11 September 2010


I had not been here for a while. When I entered the facility, I saw a few mating pairs of butterflies.

The Leopard Lacewing (scientific name: Cethosia cyane) and locally extinct Common Sergeant (scientific name: Athyma perius) were having it on, so I tried not to distract or disturb them too much when taking their photos. Fortunately, when they were at it, they were not so skittish.

The inconspicuous and flowering Calathea is kind of rare because I have hardly seen them anywhere. However, I have yet to get its identity confirmed.

I took the internal photo of the enclosure in case some day the Terminalia mantaly (common name: Madagascar Almond; Family: Combretaceae) goes.

There was also an uncommon Batik Lacewing (scientific name: Cethosia biblis) perched on the frond of the Dicksonia fern. The curled-up and unfurling brown thing is the crozier of the fern. Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?