21 September 2010


I was headed for home when I saw this Crimson Sunbird (scientific name: Aethopyga siparaja; Family: Nectariniidae) trying to get some nectar from the flowers of the Russelia equisetiformis (common name: Firecracker Plant, Fountain Plant, Coral Plant; Family: Plantiginaceae) on the Vertical Walls.

But before I could capture it on the Russelia, it darted over to the Heliconia where it once again tried to draw the nectar. Fortunately, armed with a higher digital zoom Nikon, I was able to take the close-up photos of the bird without startling it. This one should be a male.

Anyway, I often see the Olive-Backed Sunbird and seldom see this one, so it was rather gratifying to actually manage to take its photos because they are often very elusive. A link on this beautiful scarlet bird is attached below.