15 September 2010


The Brazilian Ironwood from the Family Fabaceae (Leguminosae) is not an uncommon tree in our landscape and it is not hard to imagine why. The beautiful mottled peeling bark is like a piece of abstract art.

One specimen at Esplanade Park is so pretty and the entire crown almost touches the ground. When it flowers, anyone can literally look right at the flowers at eye level. A link on the tree is attached below:


At the foothill of Fort Canning Park along Hill Street, there were 5 Singa in different uniforms. Those born in the 80's or earlier would definitely know Singa.

It was the unequivocally successful mascot in the early 80's that helped the government promote and uphold courtesy in our daily lives. Every student during those times would have seen Singa almost everywhere e.g. on badges, stickers. I remember drawing it too.

And now it is back again. How nostalgic it felt! There was also this jingle, although I am not sure if it was a separate campaign or related to this one. I can still remember part of the song Make Courtesy Our Way of Life and lyrics "Courtesy is for free. Courtesy is for you and me. It makes for gracious living and harmony. Living could be a treat, if people are awkfully sweet. Courtesy could be our way of life. Make courtesy our way of life."

I found the following link: