23 September 2010


Yesterday was the mid-autumn's festival celebrated by the chinese around the world. So I took lots of photos of the full moon and walked Sandy with the lighted-up goldfish lantern. But there were hardly any people around in the garden. And no, I didn't see 嫦娥 (chang'er) or the jade rabbit on the moon. To know more about chang'er, please check out the link below:


Other than a group of girls who lit up lots of candles near the neighbourhood playground as if they were a cult offering prayers, there wasn't anyone playing with lanterns. Typically on this day, the chinese would eat mooncakes, pomelos whilst admiring the moon as well. How dull and boring people have become? I remember we used to have lantern processions and it was fun, lots of fun. The kids these days seemed to be deprived of such simple wholesome fun in exchange for electronic games. Whatever happened to our chinese culture and tradition?

Or was I just living in the past when the world has moved on to the future?