30 September 2010


I saw this amazingly beautiful tree Commersonia bartramia (common name: Brown Kurrajong, Scrub Christmas Tree) at Villa Bali in July last year.

From the Sterculiaceae Family, the flowers are fruits are just so showy and attractive. After I checked with a very knowledgeable colleague, I discovered that this tree is not native and is normally regarded as a weed in the landscape because when it is not flowering or fruiting, it just looks plain, unappealing and possibly even ugly. Looking at the branching and the leaves, I could actually understand why it is perceived as such.

Thankfully, I saw this tree at its peak and best with its numerous small white flowers, yellow to brown rambutan-like fruits. I could also understand how it got its interesting common name Scrub Christmas Tree from the flowers resembling snow covering the branches. A link is provided below: