06 November 2010


After Chiang Mai, we went down to Bangkok's famous Chatuchak Market. These were some of the amazing plants that I saw.

First up was this beautiful pink Calanthe. I am hopeless with the name of orchids, but some of the possibilities include the following:
In the market, there are many stalls that sell the rhizomes or storage organs of ginger, Curcuma, Globba, Haemanthus, Gloriosa etc and it would be a waste to go all the way there but not buying anything of them since they are so easy to pack home.

There were 2 pinkish red Cestrums from the Solanaceae Family that I saw and posted here. I couldn't confirm their identities but they could be Cestrum elegans 'Smithii' and C. elegans.

At the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium not too far from the Chatuchak Market, they planted groves of very beautiful orange flower Tithonia rotundifolia (common name: Mexican Sunflower) from the Asteraceae Family. The flowers seemed like a good source of nectar for some butterflies such as the Common Birdwing. 2 links on the plant are attached below:
Finally, the last 3 photos show the other colours of the Xanthostemon chrysanthus other than the common yellow flowers variety. In the photos, there were colours of pink and orange flowers which were also planted at HortPark.