13 September 2010


An observant person would notice some differences between the 1st photo and other similar photos posted previously. Something purple is peeping from the top left. Hopefully, with time, it would grow and trail over the wall.

My Petraeovitex wolfei (common name: Wolfei's Vine) completely smothered a few of my Brugmansia branches. But I don't mind since it is flowering so profusely.

In the 3rd photo, that is what was left of my Streptocarpella saxorum (Family: Gesneriaceae) that I used to have. I neglected it in the office and the whole pot die and I only managed to take this cutting and grew it in this aquarium mix. I dared not take any chances and only applied some organic fertilizers to it recently after I noticed it put on more leaves. Hopefully I can get it to grow well. I bought a variegated cutting from US before but it didn't survive. I was wondering if any collectors at this weekend's Gardening Bazaar would sell this plant? I certainly hope so.

Ah, the Ipomoea quamoclit (common name: Cypress Vine, Cardinal Creeper, Star Glory; Family: Convolvulaceae) has also started to grow pretty fast now. How soon can I see the flowers?

The variegated Dendrobium has also sprouted new shoots and the inflorescence stalk is getting longer and slightly bigger. Then there was the Rhynchosophrocattleya orchid that I bought from SBG's Garden Shop. Soon after I brought it back from the office and placed it along my corridor, the yellow flowers dropped. Now it is flowerless.

The Brugmansia that was rather bare recently sprouted numerous new green leaves after I fertilized it heavily. I kept forgetting that this shrub can take and in fact loves to receive larger amounts of fertilizers compared to other shrubs of the same size. Its flowering is really a very energy-demanding process especially when the trumpet flowers are so huge and fragrant.

And the Datura metel (common name: Devil's Trumpet) is so tall and the flowers and fruits are back-facing me, which constantly irritates me to no end because I don't get to appreciate them. I have stripped away almost all the lower yellowing leaves. On the right is a Gloriosa superba (common name: Flame Lily, Fire Lily, Glory Lily; Family: Colchicaceae) climber, that was featured heavily in the SGF in several floral displays, but so far I have not seen any flowers. A link on the Gloriosa is attached below:

Finally, I bought the Aglaonema 'Siam Aurora' (Family: Araceae) that was propagated by our own nursery and sold at the Garden Shop. I love this plant because it is one of those few brightly-coloured plants that can be used to lit up a shady area. It used to be so expensive and I remember a plant of this size would fetch at least $60. Now the price has really gone down quite a bit.

This is only a snippet of my plant collection and it intrigues me to no end and keeps me sane.

NB on 6 Nov 10: I killed my Streptocarpella and threw it away yesterday.