06 September 2010


This was the moon on the 28th Aug. I took it with the plants along my corridor as the frame. The plant on the right is the Datura metel (common name: Angel's Trumpet, Devil's Trumpet) from the nightshade Family Solanaceae.

I used to be very excited about this plant with double-petaled violet flowers. I guess it has lost its novelty on me or perhaps part of the reason is because the flowers are facing the sunlight and not in my direction.

The stem is almost completely purplish-black and that is rare right? In fact, I grew this plant from seeds and now it has numerous flowers and are also forming fruits. But I do feel excited looking at the other coloured varieties of it.

Recently, the lower leaves turned yellow and there were some clusters of mealy bugs on them. After applying some fertilizers, the upper leaves are green but the lower ones remained yellow. Anyway, there are 4 links I attach below on this interesting plant: