05 November 2010


We were on the way after lunch and I saw clumps and clumps of these beautiful grasses with their huge pinkish seed heads or plumes, swaying in the wind. In the end, I couldn't stand it anymore and asked the driver to stop somewhere where I could get off the vehicle to take the photos of these grasses. Too bad the seed heads were not ripe enough for me to collect the seeds for germination back home.

The backdrop scenery and small stream were equally mesmerizing. How I wish I could build a house on the site and live there.

As we traveled along a certain major road, I saw rows and rows of immaculately pruned trees with different coloured varieties of flowering Bougainvilleas. Beautiful!

At another nursery, I saw the very beautiful flowering Clerodendrum quadriloculare. Its pink flowers truly deserves the common name Starburst Bush and Shooting Star. After this trip, I bought lots of them for planting. Unfortunately, they have never shown me such a magnificent burst of flowers.