05 November 2010


I am a stickler for water features, especially the natural ones with cascades and rapids. So when I came across this amazing river with huge boulders and a shallow riverbed of pebbles, there was no way I would give it a miss to capture photos of it. I wanted to walk in the shallow waters but the water was icy cold.

Right there and then, that was the first time I saw the Beaumontia murtonii growing so big and high up in the crown of a host tree with so many flowers. It was a sight not to be forgotten.

I also came across the Acanthus mollis (common name: Bear's Breeches) from the Acanthaceae Family with a stalk of beautiful opened flowers. Unlike our native A. ebracteatus and A. illicifolius, this one has more interestingly shaped leaves and larger showy flowers. A link on this plant is attached:

Finally, I saw an interesting insect with a long snout. I have never seen this unusual insect before and it did not look the least intimidating and in fact looked kind of cute. I wonder what it is.