15 December 2010


These were all the goodies I bought during this recent gardening bazaar but I have yet to repot some of them. The list of plants purchased include:
  1. Episcia (I think it is 'Butter Oak')
  2. Kohleria
  3. Sinningia 'Apricot Bouquet'
  4. Stretocarpella saxorum
  5. Sinningia
  6. Drosera
  7. Alsobia 'Cygnet'
  8. Sinningia 'Mark Twain'
  9. Sinningia 'Ozark Rosy Cheek'
  10. Sinningia 'Star Freckles'
  11. Sinningia 'Rio das Pedras'
  12. Sinningia
  13. miniature Saintpaulia (variegated)
  14. miniature Saintpaulia
  15. Drosera broomensis
  16. Drosera paradoxa
The following are some links on these plants: