16 December 2010


It must be a beary, beary merry christmas at Takashimaya. Just look at the numerous bears outside and inside the entire place. Perhaps the organizer should get the customers to play the game of guessing how many bears they have used for the decor.

There were also several 'stained glass' type of bears on display. But there was one display that was out of place. There was also another one where visitors can play the game of guessing the number of overlapping bears in the display.

Inside the store, there were various sizes of christmas trees formed by the stacking of coloured teddy bears, much like layers of a cake. This idea is not new and they have done it for the last 3 years already. Anyway, these adorable bears are up for adoption come 27-29 Dec at a price of $1 a bear and the proceeds collected would go to the Garden City Fund.